We understand that business & technology change is complex and challenging.

Finding experienced resources with the right cultural fit is a huge challenge. We believe organisations going through change need support from trusted & experienced third parties.

Shapecast helps organisations go through significant technology and business change better with a truly independent partner that has their interests at heart.

What Do We Do?

We help our clients go through significant IT and business change better, faster and more cost effectively. We help reduce time to market and speed up implementation. We bring best in class intellectual property and tools to structure the change. We lead changes independently to get the best out of your time whilst coordinating and managing specialist third parties.

We are completely independent and can select platforms and tools in our clients’ best interests.

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Our Services

End To End Transformation

If your organisation is going through significant IT and business transformation, we provide complete support from inception through to delivery using our highly effective bespoke framework.

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Managed Capability

Providing high quality, fully managed and skilled resources, ranging from strategy consultants, architects, programme and project managers to drive aspects of transformation and delivery to support you.

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Practices Implementation

Whether you are planning shared services or setting up technology practices, we can plan, set up and operate highly effective practices, ranging from architecture practices, or technical practices, programme management offices.

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Bespoke Services

We have a broad range of services relating to transformation, architecture and delivery. We are happy to develop specific solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

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