Shapecast business change consulting services

Unique data-driven change services to align your strategy, operating model and IT.

Aligning your strategy, future operating model, digital & IT systems

We believe that aligning strategy, operating model and digital IT architecture creates incredible business outcomes which enables organisations to change rapidly, adapt to new markets and reduce the risk of change.

We also believe that data-driven analytics, automation and artificial intelligence are the future of business change.

We have developed a range of data-driven analytics products and services for business change which align your strategy, operating model and digital IT systems to accelerate speed and enhance agility whilst reducing risk.

Our data-driven consulting services are specifically focussed on strategy, operating model and IT change planning to ensure complete alignment.

For all of our services, we use our unique Transformation Science™ analytics engine to understand the current organisation and generate and analyse future models of your organisation.

Through our consulting services, we work with you to make the future you've chosen a reality.

Our services differ from traditional business change consulting methods as they are rooted in deep analytical insight of your current organisation, desired future outcomes and use deep analytical methods to calculate the best path from current to future.

Our services can focus on one or all of the following areas..

Strategy Execution Business change consulting services

Strategy Execution Planning

Whether it's your corporate, Brexit or digital strategy, we link strategic outcomes through to delivery plans with personalised dashboards and live tracking.

Our unique analytics-based services identify disconnects between desired outcomes, strategic delivery plans . What's more, analytics provide the insight as to what to do about them. 

Operating Model Business change consulting services

Operating Model Design

Our operating model design services take a data-driven approach to analyse your current operating model in great detail to identify significant areas to be improved. 

Using our data-driven Transformation Science methodology and analytics engine, we then generate a series of future operating models which can be analysed in great detail against your future business objectives. We then work with you to make your chosen future operating model a reality. 

IT & Digital Systems Business change consulting services

IT & Digital Systems Planning

We can define future IT landscapes and systems, align your digital systems to the business needs and help set up shared services.

We are hugely experienced in delivering radical and large scale IT change through our consulting services in small, medium and FTSE 100 scale organisations.

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