About Shapecast
Why we created our data-driven change method and platform.

We founded Shapecast in 2010 as a boutique consultancy offering strategy and enterprise architecture services to large organisational clients. 

We wanted to differentiate our niche service offering from the more unwieldy and expensive service model employed by some change organisations. Each successive client project gave us the opportunity to develop our unique intellectual property further which in turn gave greater value to the outcome of the transformations.

Our IP and methodology has become increasingly data-driven over time, and we now focus on delivering a meticulous, scientific transformation methodology based on using large volumes of data about the organisation and leadership objectives to drive the change.

Our realisation that the data-driven method is the most effective way (in our experience) to gain successful results, has led us to develop our own transformation analytics platform and supporting methodology called Transformation Science ™.

The analytics provided through this platform are delivered through our services-led and products-led solutions. 

Our analytics platform allows us to capture thousands of data points about an organisation and generates extremely detailed, rich analytics assessing the overall change complexity.

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