About Shapecast

Our history & value proposition

Founded in 2010, we are strategy and digital business change specialists based in London, UK. 

We help mid and large organisations to go through complex business and IT change at speed and scale resulting in faster growth, greater efficiency and reduced cost.

We offer data-driven planning using our unique analytics and data-driven methodology. We also then provide the supporting management of the change to ensure the outcomes are delivered.

Our key differentiator is our unique data-driven analytics tools and supporting methodology called Transformation Science (TM) which generate rich insights about your current organisation and can generate highly detailed future models of your organisation which can be tested rigorously.

We provide both analytics-based consulting services, and unique, cloud-based products. These products support organisation-wide strategy execution, cloud migration and digital IT transformation which can be deployed directly within our client’s environments.

Interested to learn how our data-driven solutions can help you succeed?