Shapecast Analytics Products
Unique data-driven business change products

Products Summary

We provide rich, cloud-based software products that focus on different aspects of business and IT change.

All of our products use our unique Transformation Science™ analytics engine which enables us to analyse your organisation in great detail and generate rich insights about how to change your organisation and the likely impact.

Our product solutions include both the software and supporting professional services achieve success.

Shapecast Strategy Execution Software Product

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution enables organisational leaders to develop a detailed, top-down execution plan aligned to their strategy with real time tracking and personalised execution plans.

This unique, analytics-based strategy execution software offers complete, detailed planning of your vision and mission, objectives, performance measures, strategy and outcomes through our unique, data-driven analytics platform.

Shapecast Cloud Migration Planning Product

Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration provides the analysis and planning required to migrate your on-premise IT infrastructure to the leading cloud providers.

The software allows you to map your services to the leading cloud providers, giving you complete insight of the costs, benefits and changes required.

It also creates rich resources model and people costs to enable rapid and detailed decision making.


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