Cloud Migration Planning Software

Empowered migration

Find the most cost-effective providers with complete insight into the costs, benefits and changes required with our cloud migration planning software

Modernise your IT infrastructure faster and cheaper

Our cloud migration planning software automates workload assessment and migration planning, generating cost comparisons across all global IAAS cloud providers.

Following an on-premise discovery our cloud migration software dynamically maps existing on-premise workloads to equivalent IaaS services across leading cloud providers. We employ a detailed matching algorithm which identifies the best fit cloud services for each provider, enabling both multi-cloud (i.e. different cloud providers for different locations) and hybrid-cloud (keeping some services on premise but migrating others to cloud).

Our software shows workload matches across all providers and generates a detailed bill of materials for each environment to be migrated.

Once the analysis is complete, cloud migration software then generates a migration programme resource map based on the size of the estate to move which includes a detailed model of resource costs in your local market (i.e. cost of different specialist skills required for your migration programme), and generates a complete model of current, future and migration costs.


Cloud Migration is driven by Transformation Scienceā„¢ - a holistic data-driven approach to change, which combines a unique analytics modelling engine with a supporting structured methodology to capture and analyse data.

Shapecast Cloud Migration Planning Software supported providers
Cloud Migration Business Case

Generate cloud business case in minutes

With side by side analysis of current and future CAPEX and OPEX pre- and post- migration, based on your chosen cloud provider(s) and migration specialists, you can instantly see the savings and benefits of moving your IT infastructure to the cloud.
Cloud Migration scenario modelling

Accurately model scenarios at speed & scale

Compare real-time costs for mapping like-for-like services across all leading cloud providers, with support for multi-cloud (several cloud providers) and hybrid cloud (some services retained on premises), including discounting options.
Cloud Migration risk and complexity

Reduce risk and complexity

The generation of an entire cloud migration programme, based on an in-depth assessment of current IT infrastructure, performance and cloud readiness, significantly reduces risk of failure, whilst simplification of cloud provider inventory reduces complexity.
Cloud migration costs

Accurate end-to-end migration costs

Get accurate costs for the entire programme based on the services you use rather than a vague estimate of future requirements, with real-time cloud provider costs and an analysis of migration resource costs based on real market rates.