Cloud Migration Software

Empowered migration

Find the most cost effective cloud providers and migration specialists, with complete insight into the costs, benefits and changes required.

Key features

  • Automatically load existing on-premise workloads from discovery tools (BMC discover, LAN Sweeper supported & others on demand)
  • Map existing workloads to leading cloud providers with intelligent, configurable matching algorithm*
  • Support for any number of workloads in any number of environments.
  • Ability to automatically generate a cloud migration activity plan with resource estimates based volume of services to migrate
  • Accurate mapping of resource costs based on the activity plan using permanent staff costs in your area**
  • Side by side analysis of current and future CAPEX and OPEX pre and post migration based on your chosen cloud provider(s)
  • Generation of accurate bill of materials for your chosen cloud provider(s)
  • Analysis of current headcount and supplier costs for IT services
  • Ability to model as many multi-cloud scenarios as required under a single subscription
  • Support for multi-cloud (several cloud providers) and hybrid cloud (some services retained on-premise, some in cloud)

Key benefits

  • Ability to rapidly import and assess your complete on-premise estate, vastly reducing the time and effort to collate current service information manually.
  • See huge reductions in analysis time of cloud providers and resource planning
  • Ability to generate a cloud-business case in minutes based on accurate, up to date live information across leading cloud providers.
  • Significant savings in effort and complexity mapping like for like services across leading cloud providers.
  • Create accurate costs based on the services you actually use rather than vague estimate of future requirements.
  • Ability to create accurate, up to date costs across leading cloud providers in seconds for as many data centre environments as required.
  • Ability to create an accurate and detailed cloud migration activity and resource model saving huge quantities of planning time.
  • Save huge planning time and effort through the generation of effort.
  • Ability to multiply the savings by running as many complex analyses as required for a single subscription.
* Providers currently supported – AWS (all locations), Azure (all locations), Google (all location), Rackspace, Fujitsu K5 & Oracle Cloud.