Cloud Migration Analytic Software

Automate your workload cost assessment and migration planning with our analytic software

Shapecast cloud migration analytic software solution automates workload assessment and migration planning, generating cost comparisons across all global IAAS cloud providers.

The Cloud Migration Challenge

Public cloud can deliver great operating and cost agility benefits but identifying the right cloud service for your workloads is not straightforward. 

IT leaders are faced with the following questions:

● Should we select one cloud platform vendor or several? ● Which workload should I move to which service? 

● Should we retain some services on site ● Should we scale up or out? ● IaaS lift and shift or PaaS redevelopment?

Assessing these questions and understanding their impact over hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of workloads for an enterprise can take too long with vendors' frequent price changes and volatile project resourcing costs.

Shapecast Cloud Migration Solution

The Shapecast multi-cloud analytics software dynamically captures your IT estate from existing configuration management and service inventory systems. No additional agents are required.
Our analytics compare each workload against the major cloud providers and offer the "best fit" solution for cost and performance.

The analytics then generate complete program resourcing costs and schedule for either enterprise-wide migration or discrete cloud projects.

Users can compare subscription costs across all major IAAS providers including : Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Fujitsu K5, Oracle and Rackspace.

The analytics can model split of workloads across multiple cloud providers (multi-cloud) or a split of service on premise vs. in the cloud (hybrid cloud)

The Four Step Migration Assessment

Step 1: Current IT Assessment

The first stage dynamically captures your full IT estate from existing configuration management and service inventory systems for agentless discovery of Windows and Linux platforms and workloads. Additional information gives you a complete oversight of your IT estate performance metrics.

Step 2: Migration Planning

In stage 2, migration analytics match your workloads to equivalent leading cloud services, showing the operating costs and bill of materials that match your current capabilities. We provide Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) migration analytics for the following leading cloud providers:  Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Fujitsu K5, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud & Rackspace.


Step 3: Resource Planning

Analytics compute the resources needed to migrate your cloud services and the cost of resources at market rates in your region, giving you an accurate forecast for business case budgeting and project planning. 

Step 4: Cost Analysis

The final stage of migration planning shows the chosen cloud provider for each environment with a performance and cost comparison against your current services. With pricing from GBP£50 to GBP£100 per workload (depending on volume), this solution is a fraction of the cost of manually processing inventories and price lists with spreadsheets.


What next?

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