Frequently Asked Questions

The following page provides answers to frequently asked questions we have heard from at the early stages of client engagements. If there is a question that is not answered here, please contact us here or email

General Questions

How long does data capture and service set up take?

It depends on the solution we are working on but as a guide, we start from 4 weeks @£10M, 8 weeks for @£100M and 24 weeks @£1Bn sized organisations. We adjust these figures based on your organisational complexity and quality of information available. 

Very limited effort. We conduct interviews, collate, clean and integration data and provide adoption education. The only effort is making the organisational commitment to use the tool to drive the discipline of using it.

Not specifically as this is a completely hosted service with no dependence on your IT, except if we need to query them for the input of existing planning or risk information.

What doesn’t your platform focus on?

We do not focus on strategy modelling. We do not assess the relative performance of different future strategies. We assume there is a relatively good understanding of the desired outcomes required. We focus on making that strategy happen quickly and effectively.

What makes you different?

We are the only provider we know of which have a full analytics platform supported by an outstanding services proposition which captures and integrates strategic plans. Our strategy execution platform provides over 200 complex analytics which integrate to give you complete control of your future. Our analytics are unique to Shapecast.

Where is your data held?

Our data is held securely within the UK AWS cloud.

How do you capture data?

We have a highly structured, data driven methodology for capturing data and working with clients called Transformation Science ™.

Strategy Execution Questions

How is your Strategy Execution analytics software different from PPM tools?

Shapecast Strategy Execution software drives top down from the corporate or group level vision, mission and objectives through the traditional P3 or PPM tool levels of portfolio, programmes and projects. We are not aware of any tools that support multiple portfolios to truly roll-up to enterprise wide strategic objective changes to the corporate level for full traceability of performance and responsibility at the individual level.

Is this just another corporate Strategy Execution analytics dashboard?

No, the platform provides deep linkage from the objectives of the organisation through to the execution plans. At every level there are deep inside analytics with the ability to drive based in exception. Our focus is to assure delivery from corporate objectives downwards. Our goal is not to provide an engine room view of current status but to drive outcomes.

What Strategy Execution problem are you solving?

The challenge we address is to the translating corporate strategy in to outcomes in a transparent and traceable way through the organisation. We solve the problem that people throughout the organisation don’t understand their role in change. We also solve the problem that performance of strategic activity must be monitored frequently, not once each month (or longer).

What is the cost of us not being able to execute our strategy?

This varies organisation to organisation, but the consensus across academics and experts is that the impact is vast. It results in an ability to achieve objectives, failure to deliver results and loss of market share. This continues to be one of the most significant problems across industry to this day.

What doesn’t your strategy execution software focus on?

We do not focus on strategy modeling. We are not adding the relative performance of different potential strategies. We assume there is a relatively good understanding of the desired outcomes required. We focus on making that strategy happen quickly and effectively.

Cloud Migration Questions

What will your Cloud Migration analytics software tell me?

It will give you information about the performance of your current infrastructure and IT systems. It will then give you detailed information of the like for like systems required in each leading cloud provider. It then also gives you an estimated view of the level of effort, types of resources, time and cost to migrate to the cloud.

Which cloud vendors are included in your analysis?

Currently, we have detailed analytical data for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle, Rackspace and Fujitsu K5. Please enquire if there is a provider that you would like us to include.

Can you include other cloud vendors’ data?

Yes, we can include other vendors in your analysis on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

What data do you need to run the cloud migration analysis?

We typically require the list of virtual servers and other infrastructure in each environment for each data centre that you are interested in migrating to the cloud.