Strategy Execution Software

Deliver your business outcomes effectively with our strategy execution analytics software

Shapecast Strategy Execution software gives business leaders, strategy owners, execution teams and PMO leaders the ability to track, manage and monitor the complete execution of their strategy against the organisation objectives.

Our software ensures complete visibility from what you are trying to achieve to who and how it will be executed through a clean, simple cloud-based platform. 

Whether you are driving transformational change or operating business as usual, our strategy execution software helps you deliver business outcomes quicker and more effectively than traditional routes. 

Shapecast strategy execution software addresses three major challenges to successful business outcomes: poorly formulated plans, misapplied resources and unclear accountability for results.

The Strategy Execution Challenge


The strategy execution challenge involves connecting the gap between the organisation's objectives and its strategic execution plans, as described in published research from Wharton, INSEAD and McKinsey. Leadership teams can develop great strategies but history shows that many fail to translate in to actionable tactical plans that are consistently tracked through to completion. Too frequently, stakeholders are unable to understand objectives, the impact of their activities or their role in the change.

According to research published in The Harvard Business Review Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance, less than 60% of strategy execution initiatives delivery the financial outcomes they expect.

Strategy Execution Software


Our strategy execution solution is delivered by our consultants running an initial diagnostic to capture strategic objectives, intents and desired outcomes. These are then linked and loaded in to the analytics software. This generates a clear view of the vision, desired objectives and supporting key performance indicators.


Delivery progress is tracked across RACI stakeholders with predictive forecasting of outcomes based on current performance. Granular reporting of delivery accountability, with outcome predictions based on progress against plan takes the guesswork out of strategic execution. 

We help generate strategic execution plans which are aligned to your vision, mission and objectives. Each execution plan can be analysed in detail using a set of rich predictive analytics. Our analytics enable strategic decisions and plans to be assessed in near real-time.


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