Transformation Science™

Why did we create Transformation Science™?

We have two beliefs which define the whole approach of our business and the services we offer. These beliefs are the reason we created Transformation Science.

Belief 1
Alignment of strategy, operating model and IT/digital systems is key to the best performing organisations.

Belief 2
Data-driven analytics solutions can align the business and IT more effectively than any other method.

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What is Transformation Science?

Transformation Science which is a data-driven methodology for business change. It captures and interlinks data and information about all aspects of the organisation that allows us to build an accurate, complete picture of how the organisation performs today and to build future models which better support your objectives.

These are integrated across the operating model, architecture and your strategy.

What data do we use?

The data we capture  depends on the area of the business we are changing.

It can range from highly unstructured question-answer based data, generated by structured questions (developed in conjunction with a leading business school) through to automated data discovery tools which are integrated to our analytics platform for speed and precision.

For more information see our FAQ.


What can Transformation Science do for me?

Ability to develop and test models of the future and map the impact of change in seconds leading to far faster and deeper understanding of the future based on real data and insight.

Enable you to rapidly make sense of your complex environment to provide a detailed, integrated understanding of your organisation

Ability  to identify areas that are under performing and develop data-driven change plans to improve them

Enable you to quickly develop a rich view of your future organisation based on the objectives of the leadership team and develop models which are truly aligned, reducing wasted spend and helping you achieve your objectives far faster and more accurately than traditional methods.

Provide a truly accurate and integrated understanding of the organisation reducing risk and enabling better understanding of effective change strategies. 

Create simple, compelling data-driven models which provide detailed understanding of your organisation based on fact rather than subjective views.


Many organisationations are overloaded with data but can’t easily use it to develop accurate models of the current organisation, future models or develop change plans.

We are experienced and focussed on getting to just the critical data and information that is required to drive strategic change from the objectives of the business to the detailed processes and systems that support it.
This methodology supports both our consultancy solutions and our product analytics solutions.

To find out more about how Transformation Science and our solutions can help you, arrange a consultation.